HALF PRICE! Spray and Wipe Rig Wax 2 Quarts

Spray and Wipe RIG WAX

Spray & Wipe RIG WAX is part of our waterless cleaning product line. Are you tired of the old paste type waxes that require lots of time and energy to apply? If so then this product is for you!

  • Spray & Wipe RIG WAX is a ready-to-use carnauba liquid wax specifically designed for use on all large and small motor vehicles including fire apparatus, rescue vehicles, and RV's.
  • It is a quick-drying, low dust, high gloss wax that applies quickly and easily even in the sun or on wet surfaces.
  • Spray onto vehicle or microfiber towel, rub onto surface and then let dry to a light haze.  Wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.  1 2 3 you are done!
  • Two 1 quart bottles with trigger sprayers.
Spray and Wipe RIG WAX
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  • Item #: EST SW2QT
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